Friday, January 10, 2014

Tuck, Tucka, Tucker Butt!

Wow. Two months since my last entry. I've been slacking. Tucker however has not slowed down in the growth department as I have telling about it. Since my last post he has started walking and cut two more teeth! He started walking in November.. on the 7th to be exact. It was a couple steps and then a couple days later he was making it across a room! He's basically running now! Its hilarious that I have this little human following me around now. It took some time getting used to him standing up behind me, in-between my legs while I'm cooking dinner…etc. I love it though! It was like overnight he just decided to be a toddler and not a baby anymore. 

He is starting to take an interest in talking.. more like babbling… he'll say Bababa and Dadada. Today I think he is starting to say Tatata because I swear he was trying to tell me Thank You while I was handing him his lunch. Hilarious! Tucker is still really quiet mostly. Not a lot of screaming or screeching or anything really. I'm thankful for this. :) 

For Christmas while Tucker's daddy was on leave we headed for Southport, NC. Thirteen hours in the car with Tucker was a treat… NOT. ;) He was actually a really good baby. We had Mickey Mouse jamming on the iPad and an unlimited supply of snacks, bottles, juice, and water. I cannot tell you how thankful I was to be pulling into my parents driveway. We were there from the 21st to the morning of the 25th. Gramma & Grandpa (my mom and daddy) ate him up from the time we arrived to the moment we left. He loved on his Uncles and showed everyone all his tricks. Then after that we headed to Fayetteville, NC to be with Tucker's Grandmommy and Grandaddy and his Great Grands (my husbands family). They could not believe how big he was and they too ate his little face off with kisses and loved on him as much as he would allow. Tucker stayed with his Grandmommy during the day for two days in a row while mommy and daddy bought a new car for all of his Christmas presents… Yes, it was that bad. We tried to put it off for another year but there was no more waiting. We ended up with a Ford Explorer with third row seating and a huge trunk. Tucker was mighty comfy on his way to Tennessee in the backseat with his Uncle Josh. We spent New Years with Tuckers GPa and YaYa in Knoxville. Tucker had so much fun being spoiled. As did mommy and daddy with the moments of peace. :) 

Daddy leaves next week for an Army school and Tucker and I will be heading back to NC at the beginning of Feb. As sad as it is having my hubs leave for a couple months I'm really excited to be celebrating Tucker's birthday with his NC Grandparents. Gramma and I have already started planning. I seriously cannot believe our little monster will be ONE soon! It's unreal how fast this past year has flown by. It gives the saying "Don't blink" some real meaning. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that you enjoyed time with family and friends. I hope you took a million pictures and that Santa was good to you!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Photo Crazy Momma/Beautiful Baby

I'm going insane right now. My friend just made everything about using my camera crystal clear to me through a TEXT MESSAGE. So naturally I adjusted my settings on my camera, opened some curtains, and tested it out on Tucker! He makes it too easy sometimes… Sometimes. ;) Well here they are! I hope you LOOOOVE them! 

Love seeing that little thing!

His hair! 
I know a certain Granpa who will particularly appreciate this picture!
 Its JUST for him!

I couldn't decide which edit I liked more!! 

I look at this baby and I can't believe how lucky I am.
I love you, baby boy. From the tips of my toes, to the ends of my fingers, all the way to through the last strand of my hair! You are my love and my whole life! 

Enjoy dear family and friends! <3

Teeth With A Side Of Tylenol

Teething sucks. Plain and simple. 
Tucker is cutting both of his top ones at the SAME TIME. 
We were up quite a lot last night. This mommy is tired and so is the baby. So now he's down for the count and I'm up.. I SHOULD be laying down napping too but I figured an update on Tucker Butt was more important. Also… no big deal but yesterday was sort of a big deal… I caught his first couple steps on video. Proud of myself is an understatement…then multiply that feeling by 10 million and that's how proud of Tucker I am. This is such an exciting time…MINUS the teething! Here is the teething cutie himself.. sleeping… like an angel! <3

On a lighter note but still pretty exciting… The holidays are upon us! Justin and I are too excited to celebrate Tucker's first Thanksgiving with Tuckers Nana, Great Granddaddy, and all of his Great Uncles here in Florida! Thankfully Tucker will have some little fangs to nibble on some stuffing and maybe even some turkey!! Yummy! 
Then Christmas we will be in our home the day of and then we will be traveling from here to NC to visit Gramma, Granpa, and the Uncles in Southport, then on to Fayetteville to visit with his Great Grandparents and his Grandmommy, Grandaddy, and only Aunt. Its gonna be wonderful for everyone to see Tucker and how much he's changed since we've been home. (And also the tiny break that Justin and I will HOPEFULLY get while at my parents is sounding pretty sweet right now too!) Then after NC we will be off to Tennessee! GPa, Yaya, and Uncle Josh live there! Tucker MIGHT even get to experience some snow! I cannot wait to take a million pictures of my little monster enjoying himself on both occasions! If he isn't rotten now (which he is) he is sure to come home to Florida that way. :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sweet & Peaceful

Zzz zzz. 
That is the sound coming out of my 8 month old. His Gramma (via FaceTime) and I just witnessed him lay down in the middle of the floor and float away into a peaceful, hopefully long, nap. If you've never witnessed a baby do this you are missing out! It should be named one of the wonders of the world!

 When I get the rare chance to see Tucker do this I feel as if I've played with butterflies or touched a cloud. It makes you so happy. It also makes me want to nap TOO! :)

XO, Abby & Tucker

Monday, November 4, 2013

Naked After Nap

Hi All!
First official post here! Yay!
Now down to business... ;) Today we had an accident after an almost TWO hour nap... (We had a busy weekend with Daddy and got off schedule so this is a big deal!) So off came the clothes and wahhhlaaa Happy Photogenic Baby! My goal here was to get a picture of that tooth! I succeeded! I hope that you can find it and that you are equally as excited as I am!

Is that a tooth I see?! Eeek! It's there! It's there!

We've been into Mickey Mouse BIG TIME for the past couple weeks! He can't get enough! He also caught a glimpse of the almighty Spongebob Squarepants thanks to Daddy last night! Ugh. This mommy is not a fan but the kid likes what he likes. If he isn't glued to the TV you can usually find him speed crawling to trouble or beating on anything that could possibly be a "drum". Standing up from the squatting position is something he has become pro at as of late... HOPEFULLY this is no indication as to when he will or will not start walking. Cross your fingers for later rather than sooner because his poor mommy's heart will break. Speaking of breaking hearts, I cannot even believe that in 3 months this precious face will be ONE!

I also snapped a couple dozen more precious pictures of my doll baby. Posting some of my favorites happily and then its time to start dinner! Enjoy!

XO, Abby & Tucker

Sharing Is Caring

Hi All!
I decided to start a picture blog for anyone and everyone interested in keeping up with Tucker man. :) He is growing like a weed and today I realized its not fair to keep him all to myself. So in order to keep everyone up to date with all of Tucker's going on's (Because he is a busy little bee!) I'll track his growth and all of the new (and crazy, scare mommy to death) things he does! I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I'm going to enjoy bragging and showing off this sweet baby! :-*

XO, Abby & Tucker