Monday, November 4, 2013

Naked After Nap

Hi All!
First official post here! Yay!
Now down to business... ;) Today we had an accident after an almost TWO hour nap... (We had a busy weekend with Daddy and got off schedule so this is a big deal!) So off came the clothes and wahhhlaaa Happy Photogenic Baby! My goal here was to get a picture of that tooth! I succeeded! I hope that you can find it and that you are equally as excited as I am!

Is that a tooth I see?! Eeek! It's there! It's there!

We've been into Mickey Mouse BIG TIME for the past couple weeks! He can't get enough! He also caught a glimpse of the almighty Spongebob Squarepants thanks to Daddy last night! Ugh. This mommy is not a fan but the kid likes what he likes. If he isn't glued to the TV you can usually find him speed crawling to trouble or beating on anything that could possibly be a "drum". Standing up from the squatting position is something he has become pro at as of late... HOPEFULLY this is no indication as to when he will or will not start walking. Cross your fingers for later rather than sooner because his poor mommy's heart will break. Speaking of breaking hearts, I cannot even believe that in 3 months this precious face will be ONE!

I also snapped a couple dozen more precious pictures of my doll baby. Posting some of my favorites happily and then its time to start dinner! Enjoy!

XO, Abby & Tucker

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