Thursday, November 7, 2013

Teeth With A Side Of Tylenol

Teething sucks. Plain and simple. 
Tucker is cutting both of his top ones at the SAME TIME. 
We were up quite a lot last night. This mommy is tired and so is the baby. So now he's down for the count and I'm up.. I SHOULD be laying down napping too but I figured an update on Tucker Butt was more important. Also… no big deal but yesterday was sort of a big deal… I caught his first couple steps on video. Proud of myself is an understatement…then multiply that feeling by 10 million and that's how proud of Tucker I am. This is such an exciting time…MINUS the teething! Here is the teething cutie himself.. sleeping… like an angel! <3

On a lighter note but still pretty exciting… The holidays are upon us! Justin and I are too excited to celebrate Tucker's first Thanksgiving with Tuckers Nana, Great Granddaddy, and all of his Great Uncles here in Florida! Thankfully Tucker will have some little fangs to nibble on some stuffing and maybe even some turkey!! Yummy! 
Then Christmas we will be in our home the day of and then we will be traveling from here to NC to visit Gramma, Granpa, and the Uncles in Southport, then on to Fayetteville to visit with his Great Grandparents and his Grandmommy, Grandaddy, and only Aunt. Its gonna be wonderful for everyone to see Tucker and how much he's changed since we've been home. (And also the tiny break that Justin and I will HOPEFULLY get while at my parents is sounding pretty sweet right now too!) Then after NC we will be off to Tennessee! GPa, Yaya, and Uncle Josh live there! Tucker MIGHT even get to experience some snow! I cannot wait to take a million pictures of my little monster enjoying himself on both occasions! If he isn't rotten now (which he is) he is sure to come home to Florida that way. :)

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